Food Nation: A Playful and Refreshing Plant-Based Brand

As the demand for plant-based food products continues to surge, brands in this sector are no longer limited to the traditional, serious approach. Gone are the days when vegan brands were considered dull and unexciting. Today, plant-based brands are stepping up their game, infusing playfulness and humor into their visual identities and packaging design. One brand that successfully captures this spirit is Food Nation, a disruptive plant-based food brand from New Zealand. In collaboration with Seachange, a renowned design studio, Food Nation has created a unique and inclusive brand that celebrates the joy of plant-based eating.

A Fresh Perspective on Plant-Based Food

Food Nation sets itself apart by using ingredients that are based around fresh vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, herbs, and spices. Unlike other plant-based products that rely heavily on soy, starch, and fillers, Food Nation aims to provide a natural and flavorful alternative. With a mission to get people eating more plants, the brand recognizes the need to stand out in a retail environment saturated with similar products. Instead of conforming to conventional visual clichés, Food Nation’s packaging design leaps off the shelf with its vibrant and spirited aesthetic.

Illustrations That Tell a Story

Image Source: Seachange

One of the standout features of Food Nation’s branding is the use of illustrations as the hero visual element on the packaging. Stepping away from the tired cliché of glossy food photography, Seachange envisioned a world where characters lived in a plant-based utopia. Each product SKU is represented by a unique and playful character that combines a plant-based ingredient with life in a fun and surreal way. From a high-heeled, leggy mushroom to a well-coiffed broccoli poodle, these whimsical characters bring a sense of joy and wonder to the brand.

The Power of Typography

Image Source: A2-TYPE

To complement the bold and vibrant illustrations, Seachange chose the Boing Bold font by A2-TYPE. This chunky rounded sans serif font strikes a balance between a friendly and no-nonsense feel. Its versatility allows it to be used as a characterful display font on campaign materials, a brand font on packaging, and for longer chunks of text. The simplicity of the typography allows the illustrations to take center stage while still maintaining legibility and impact.

Playful Tone of Voice

In addition to the visual identity, Food Nation’s tone of voice reflects the brand’s lighthearted and playful nature. The product names and supporting copy are direct and engaging, resonating with consumers who are looking for a fresh and fun experience. Seachange developed a suite of icons that highlight various health benefits, further emphasizing Food Nation’s mission to remind people of the magic of vegetables. The combination of bold colors, illustration-led branding, and a playful tone of voice creates a charming and memorable brand experience.

Recipe for Success

Image Source: Seachange

Food Nation’s success lies in its ability to balance cuteness with sophistication, playfulness with maturity. By breaking away from the conventional approach of plant-based brands, Food Nation has created a brand that appeals to a wider audience. Its bright color palette and charming illustrations capture attention, while the brand’s commitment to using fresh, natural ingredients instills confidence in its products. The visual and verbal elements work together harmoniously, creating a brand that is both visually appealing and engaging.


Food Nation and Seachange have demonstrated that plant-based brands can be fun, creative, and exciting. By infusing playfulness into their visual identity and packaging design, Food Nation stands out in a crowded market. The use of illustrations, bold typography, and a playful tone of voice creates a unique brand experience that resonates with consumers. Food Nation’s success serves as a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in the plant-based food industry.

Additional Information: Food Nation’s commitment to using fresh ingredients aligns with the growing consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable food options. By focusing on vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, herbs, and spices, Food Nation offers a range of delicious plant-based products that are both nutritious and environmentally friendly.

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Image Sources: Seachange

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