ZVYK: A Unique Approach to Skincare Branding

In the world of skincare, where multiple-step routines and complex products dominate the market, ZVYK, a new brand of one-of-a-kind skincare, aims to break the mold. With a purpose to celebrate the unique beauty in each individual and promote good habits for a healthier and happier self, ZVYK sets itself apart from the traditional Korean beauty culture. In this article, we will explore the innovative branding and packaging design created by Hong Kong-based .Oddity Studio for ZVYK, and how it showcases the brand’s mission and values.

Unveiling ZVYK’s Visual Identity

.Oddity Studio was commissioned by ZVYK founder and CEO, Grace Lee, to develop the brand’s concept and visual identity, packaging design, e-commerce website, and more. The visual identity of ZVYK is centered around the concept of repetition, symbolizing the idea of reinforcing good habits easily. Simple shapes are repeated, rotated, mirrored, and transformed to create unique, bold, beautiful, and expressive shapes that are as rare as the individuals who use ZVYK products.

The packaging design of ZVYK cleverly utilizes materials that reinforce the concept of repetition. For example, the Confidence Patch packaging features a mirror-like reflective silver pouch, emphasizing the visual language of mirroring throughout the brand. This attention to detail in the packaging design ensures that every element of ZVYK’s branding aligns with the brand’s purpose and values.

Typography as a Form of Expression

The logomark of ZVYK takes a playful approach to typography. By customizing the Melanzane typeface from the Copenhagen-based foundry PlayType, .Oddity Studio stretches, squishes, layers, and distorts letterforms, creating a hyper-playful and unconventional visual representation of the brand. This distortion of typography not only adds a unique touch to ZVYK’s visual identity but also resonates with the rebellious streak often associated with the brand’s primary audience, Gen Z.

For the body copy, .Oddity Studio chose the ES Klarheit Kurrent typeface from Swiss foundry Extraset. This typeface’s unusual and playful cut-like quirks complement the quirky shapes of the ZVYK logo, further enhancing the brand’s visual language. The selection of these typefaces showcases .Oddity Studio’s attention to detail and their ability to break typographic rules in a way that aligns with the brand’s identity.

Collaboration and Purpose-Driven Branding

Interestingly, ZVYK’s founder and CEO, Grace Lee, comes from a marketing background rather than skincare. Her previous experience made her realize the importance of brands having a clear purpose and delivering real value to people. This realization led to her goal of creating a brand that brings meaningful changes, spreads positive messages, and delivers top-notch products.

Lee’s marketing expertise and brand-led ambition bring a unique perspective to ZVYK. The brand’s purpose revolves around concepts such as confidence, celebrating imperfections, fearlessness, and self-care. While these ideas may seem like buzzwords, they are reflective of ZVYK’s mission to provide a fun and simple skincare experience that stands against the complex and multi-step routines often associated with Korean beauty culture.

The Inspiration Behind ZVYK: Cultural Context

To fully understand ZVYK’s branding and design choices, it’s essential to consider the brand’s cultural context. ZVYK originates from Korea, where beauty culture holds significant importance. However, ZVYK intentionally differentiates itself from the traditional Korean skincare routines by focusing on simplicity and enjoyment. Instead of overwhelming consumers with numerous steps and products, ZVYK aims to make skincare fun and accessible.

The design work by .Oddity Studio perfectly captures this essence. The use of vibrant colorways, kinetic typography, and neon green elements aligns with the brand’s goal of engaging with a younger audience. However, it is important not to dismiss ZVYK as just another Instagram-friendly direct-to-consumer product. The brand’s purpose-driven approach and focus on simplicity set it apart from the crowd.

ZVYK’s Product Range: Confidence Patches and Customizable Packaging

ZVYK’s product range includes confidence patches and an acne serum, each designed with the brand’s mission in mind. The confidence patches are small stickers that create a protective barrier, preventing picking and drawing out impurities and fluids from breakouts. These patches not only serve a practical purpose but also make a fearless statement, with each patch featuring unique designs such as geometric shapes, mirrored glyphs, butterflies, and typographic messages like ‘Slay’, ‘Snatched’, ‘Vibing’, ‘I love me’, and ‘You are Art’.

The packaging of the confidence patches is not only visually appealing but also interactive. Users can customize the packaging with stickers, adding a personal touch to their skincare routine. This customization feature aligns with ZVYK’s goal of providing a unique and individualized experience for its customers.

A Visual Journey: ZVYK’s Art Direction and Design

.Oddity Studio’s collaboration with ZVYK extends beyond branding and packaging design. The studio also worked on ZVYK’s art direction and design for photography and videos. Through their creative approach, .Oddity Studio ensures that every visual element of ZVYK’s brand identity is cohesive and aligned with the brand’s purpose.

The art direction and design by .Oddity Studio reflect the bold and expressive nature of ZVYK’s visual identity. The use of vibrant colors, unconventional compositions, and dynamic visuals creates a visually engaging experience for the audience. This attention to detail in art direction further emphasizes ZVYK’s commitment to celebrating individuality and promoting self-expression.

Conclusion: ZVYK – Breaking the Skincare Norms

ZVYK, with its unique branding and packaging design created by .Oddity Studio, challenges the norms of the skincare industry. By celebrating individuality, promoting good habits, and simplifying skincare routines, ZVYK offers a refreshing approach to self-care. The visual identity, typography, and art direction of ZVYK reflect the brand’s purpose and values, creating a cohesive and engaging experience for its target audience.

Through collaboration, cultural context, and purpose-driven branding, ZVYK sets itself apart in a crowded market. As skincare continues to evolve, brands like ZVYK pave the way for a new generation of skincare products that prioritize individuality, simplicity, and enjoyment. So, embrace your uniqueness and join the ZVYK movement towards healthier and happier skin.

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