Talk About Elon Musk’s Controversial Decision to Remove Headlines from Twitter/X Links

Talk About Elon Musk’s Controversial Decision to Remove Headlines from Twitter/X Links

‍In a surprising move that has sparked widespread debate and criticism, Elon Musk, the renowned entrepreneur and CEO of various companies including Tesla and SpaceX, has made a controversial decision to strip headlines and subheader text from links on Twitter/X, the social media platform he owns. This significant change has left users without any context or information about the articles they are about to click on, leading to concerns about the spread of disinformation and the impact on user experience.

The Change in Link Display

Previously, when users shared a link on X, the platform would display an embed card with the headline and subheader text of the article. This provided valuable context and allowed users to have an idea of what the article was about before clicking on it. However, with the recent change, X now only shows the header image of the article and a watermark-like overlay with the domain name in the lower left-hand corner. This minimalistic approach removes all context, leaving users in the dark about the content they are about to consume.

Elon Musk’s Justification for the Change

The decision to remove headlines and subheader text from links on X came directly from Elon Musk himself. In a tweet response to an article reporting on X’s plans to make this change, Musk stated that the change was his idea and claimed that it would greatly improve the aesthetics of the platform. It is worth noting that Musk has been openly critical of traditional media and has expressed a preference for getting news from X instead.

User Reactions and Criticisms

Unsurprisingly, the change has received significant backlash from X users. Many have criticized the decision, arguing that removing context from links undermines the platform’s ability to provide reliable and informative content. Users have expressed concerns about the potential for spreading disinformation and the negative impact on user experience. Some users have even taken advantage of the new format to troll Musk by sharing links with fake headlines, highlighting the flaws in the new system.

Internal Discontent and Employee Reactions

Not only have users expressed their dissatisfaction with the change, but employees at X/Twitter have also voiced their disapproval. According to reports, X employees hate the update as it contradicts the platform’s goal of keeping users engaged and on the app. The change unintentionally leads users to click away from X, defeating the purpose of the platform. This discontent among employees further emphasizes the widespread dissatisfaction with the decision.

Musk’s Defense and Interaction with Critics

In response to the criticisms, Elon Musk has defended his decision. When Aaron Levie, CEO of the cloud storage company Box, expressed his dislike for the link change, Musk replied by questioning Levie’s opinion and accusing him of believing the media. Musk’s reaction suggests that he believes the change primarily affects news media, an industry that has a significant presence on X. This response aligns with Musk’s previous comments expressing his disdain for traditional media and his preference for X as a source of news.

Impact on News Media and Legacy Media Websites

The change in link display on X has a direct impact on news media and legacy media websites. With the removal of headlines and subheader text, readers are less likely to click on links, potentially reducing traffic and engagement on these websites. Musk’s comments about the declining traffic to legacy media websites and his preference for X as a news source further highlight the tension between traditional media and the platform.

Workarounds and Alternatives

While the link display change seems to be here to stay, some users have found workarounds to mitigate the impact. The Browser Company CEO Josh Miller shared that their web browser, Arc MAX, provides a full webpage preview when hovering over the new link display on X, effectively restoring the context that was stripped from the social media platform. These workarounds demonstrate users’ resourcefulness and desire to have access to essential information before clicking on links.


Elon Musk’s decision to remove headlines and subheader text from links on X has sparked controversy and criticism from users and employees alike. The change has raised concerns about the spread of disinformation and the impact on user experience. While Musk has defended his decision, many users and employees remain dissatisfied. As the dust settles, it remains to be seen whether Musk will address the concerns or introduce alternative solutions that strike a balance between aesthetics and providing valuable context to users.

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