New Marketing Jobs That Could Focus on AI: Exploring the Future Opportunities 2023

New Marketing Jobs That Could Focus on AI: Exploring the Future Opportunities 2023

In the fast-paced world of marketing, emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are reshaping the industry. According to a recent survey by HubSpot, a significant number of marketing and business leaders have already started hiring employees with AI expertise to leverage AI/automation tools

This article delves into the various roles that are on the rise in the marketing field due to advancements in AI and marketing automation. We will explore the job opportunities and skills required for AI trainers, writers with AI experience, and digital marketers with AI knowledge.

AI Trainers: Shaping the Future of AI in Marketing

AI trainers play a crucial role in training AI models to learn, improve, and become valuable assets to marketing strategies. With the rapid growth of AI technology, many companies and brands lack employees who possess the expertise to train AI systems. Consequently, marketing and business leaders are actively hiring professionals to fill this gap

For instance, Scale AI, a leading AI company, offers a job position titled “AI Training for Marketing Experts.” In this role, the selected candidates will be responsible for training AI models and analyzing the technology’s responses to prompts. This position requires individuals who can ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the content generated by AI models. According to HubSpot’s survey, only 23% of marketers are highly confident in the accuracy of content generated by AI. Hence, hiring AI trainers is essential to enhance the quality and reliability of AI-generated content.

Writers with AI Expertise: Streamlining the Content Creation Process

The demand for writers with AI expertise is rapidly increasing as businesses aim to streamline the content creation process using AI technology. These writers are skilled in utilizing AI tools to expedite content production while maintaining quality and relevance. By leveraging AI, they can generate data-driven insights and optimize the performance of content.

Cyberfunnels, a digital marketing agency, is one such company that hires copywriters with AI experience. These professionals employ AI tools to enhance the copywriting process, generate insights, and optimize content performance. Similarly, Miaplaza Inc. seeks an SEO content writer who can efficiently utilize tools like ChatGPT to produce high-quality content. As per the HubSpot survey, 45% of marketers already use generative AI in their content creation process. Therefore, writers with AI expertise are highly sought after in the evolving landscape of marketing.

Digital Marketers with AI Knowledge: Harnessing the Power of Data and AI

Digital marketing positions are increasingly calling for professionals who possess AI knowledge. With the ability to leverage AI’s capabilities, these marketers can drive growth by utilizing data, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation 

For instance, Miller’s Ale House, a renowned restaurant chain, seeks a Senior Marketing Manager who can leverage data, AI, and marketing automation to foster business growth. This job posting highlights the importance of marketers who are comfortable using AI to gather and analyze data effectively. According to HubSpot’s survey, 45% of marketers already use generative AI for data analysis and reporting. Therefore, digital marketers with AI knowledge are well-positioned to excel in their roles and drive impactful marketing campaigns.

The Impact of AI-Driven Marketing Jobs on Marketers

The rise of AI-driven marketing jobs indicates a shift in the skills and knowledge required for success in the field of marketing. Marketers must familiarize themselves with AI and automation tools to stay competitive in their industry and the job market. Embracing AI technology provides marketers with new opportunities to enhance their skill sets and deliver exceptional results.

To support marketers in acquiring AI skills, various resources and courses are available. LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of AI and machine learning courses, including “Generative AI for Business Leaders” and “Machine Learning with Python”. IBM also provides an introductory course on AI called “AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization” and certifications for applied AI, AI engineering, and machine learning. Google’s “Machine Learning Crash Course” is another valuable resource for marketers seeking to understand the basics of machine learning.

By investing time in learning AI, marketers can stay ahead of the curve and leverage its potential to improve their marketing strategies. While AI continues to transform the industry, it is crucial to remember that AI technology complements rather than replaces human marketers. AI is a powerful tool that can enhance efficiency, productivity, and decision-making, empowering marketers to achieve greater success.


As AI rapidly advances, it is revolutionizing the marketing industry and creating new job opportunities. AI trainers, writers with AI expertise, and digital marketers with AI knowledge are in high demand as businesses seek to capitalize on the potential of AI and automation. Marketers must adapt to these changes by acquiring AI skills and embracing the benefits that AI brings to their profession.

By staying up-to-date with the latest AI trends and technologies, marketers can navigate the evolving marketing landscape with confidence. AI-driven marketing jobs are not a threat; instead, they present new avenues for growth and success. With the right skills and knowledge, marketers can harness the power of AI to deliver exceptional results and drive their careers forward.

Remember, the future of marketing lies in the intersection of human creativity and AI technology. Embrace the opportunities that AI presents and position yourself as a leader in the AI-driven marketing landscape.

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