Meta Rolls Out New Elements for Threads as Engagement Continues to Decline

In recent months, there has been growing concern about the declining usage of Threads, Meta’s text-based app. Despite this, the Threads team is determined to revitalize the platform by introducing new features and functionality. In this article, we will explore the latest developments in Threads, including voice posts, a desktop app, hashtag support, and more. While the app may have lost some of its initial momentum, there is still potential for Threads to carve out a niche in the social media landscape.

Voice Posts: A New Way to Connect

One of the upcoming features on Threads is the ability to attach voice clips to posts. This functionality will enhance the user experience by allowing individuals to communicate through audio in addition to images and videos. While this may not seem groundbreaking to Western users, it holds great significance in regions with diverse language barriers. In countries like India, where numerous languages are spoken, voice notes can serve as a practical solution for those with lower literacy levels. This addition could potentially open up social apps to billions of people who may find it easier to communicate audibly rather than through writing.

Threads voice notes

The Arrival of a Desktop App

To expand the reach of Threads, Meta is working on a desktop version of the app. This move will enable journalists, publishers, and other professionals to seamlessly incorporate Threads into their daily workflow. Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri have already confirmed the imminent release of the desktop app. Despite some bugs in the testing phase, the Threads team is making progress toward providing users with a more versatile and accessible platform. With the desktop app, Threads aims to facilitate greater engagement and activity among its users.

Functional Additions and Improvements

In addition to voice posts and the desktop app, Threads has introduced several smaller functional updates. One notable addition is the “Reposts” tab on user profiles, which allows users to see what content each individual has shared. This feature provides a comprehensive view of a user’s activity, including original posts, replies, and reposts. Moreover, reposts will now appear in people’s “Following” feeds, similar to retweets on Twitter. This change enhances the reach and visibility of reposted content, potentially leading to greater engagement and interaction within the app.

Hashtag Support: A Contemplation

When it comes to hashtag support, Meta is considering incorporating hashtags into general text searches rather than having them as clickable tags. While this approach may streamline the user experience, it remains to be seen whether users prefer clickable tags and conversation links over text queries. By opting for this method, Meta aims to strike a balance between user preferences and overall functionality. The success of this decision will depend on user feedback and the extent to which it enhances discoverability and organization of content within Threads.

The Decline in Threads’ Usage

Despite Meta’s efforts to introduce new elements, Threads has experienced a significant decline in usage. After its impressive debut, which saw the app gain 100 million members in record time, the number of active users has dropped by 79%. This decline is concerning, and many are questioning whether Threads can recover from this setback. The app currently has 124 million members, indicating a relatively slow growth rate compared to its initial explosive growth. However, it is important to note that engagement on Threads remains strong, offering hope for the app’s future.

Targeting a Niche Audience

While the overall decline in engagement is discouraging, Threads has managed to maintain relevance among certain user segments. Journalists and high-profile individuals who have become disillusioned with other platforms, such as Twitter, have found value in Threads. Meta recognizes the significance of this audience and aims to cater to their needs. By positioning itself as an alternative to existing platforms, Threads has the potential to attract users seeking a more focused and authentic social media experience.

Meta’s Long-Term Strategy

Meta’s commitment to Threads is evident in its efforts to address functional limitations and engage with its user base. Although the app may not have achieved the same level of success as initially anticipated, Meta remains optimistic about its long-term prospects. The company acknowledges the importance of engagement and is actively working to improve the user experience on Threads. By listening to user feedback and implementing necessary updates, Meta hopes to position Threads as a viable alternative to other social media platforms.


While the decline in Threads’ usage is a cause for concern, Meta is determined to reverse this trend by introducing new elements and improving functionality. The addition of voice posts, a desktop app, and other features demonstrates Meta’s commitment to enhancing the user experience on Threads. Although the app has faced challenges in maintaining its initial growth rate, there is still potential for Threads to attract a niche audience and establish itself as a relevant platform. As Meta continues to refine and evolve Threads, it will be interesting to see how the app evolves and whether it can regain momentum in the ever-changing social media landscape.

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