Landscaping Legends: Crafting a Magical Brand for Scapegoats

In the realm of landscaping, one company stands out as a true legend – Scapegoats. Founded in 2015 by Kylie and Reuben, this New Zealand-based landscaping company has taken the industry by storm with their remarkable landscapes and their ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. However, despite their undeniable talent, Scapegoats lacked a compelling brand that could truly capture their ambition and connect with their discerning audience. That’s where Strategy, a renowned design agency, stepped in to create a brand that would push boundaries, ignite the imagination, and reflect the magic that Scapegoats brings to every project.

The Power of Storytelling

At the heart of Strategy’s work for Scapegoats lies the power of storytelling. Through compelling copy and enchanting imagery, Strategy weaves a narrative that transports the audience into a world where landscapes become living, breathing works of art. Each project is given the spotlight it deserves, with stories that bring out the essence of the space – from a sprawling lawn that transforms into a playground for children during the day and an elegant venue for evening entertainment, to a fence that becomes a refuge inspired by the South Coast. These narratives not only showcase Scapegoats’ craftsmanship but also create a sense of wonder and intrigue.

Building a Brand Inspired by Nature

In their quest to create a truly unique brand for Scapegoats, Strategy drew inspiration from the natural world. By playing with the idea of landscaping legends, Strategy crafted a brand identity that feels grounded in the earth, while also exuding a touch of magic. The logo and logotype, reminiscent of ancient runic carvings, bring a sense of history and mystique to the brand. The use of timber lines and carefully planned greenery further reinforces the connection to nature. It’s a brand that celebrates the balance between imagination and the meticulous attention to detail that Scapegoats brings to each project.

Illustrating a World of Possibilities

Logo, illustration, copywriting and web design by Strategy for Wellington-based landscaping company Scapegoats

Illustration plays a crucial role in bringing the Scapegoats brand to life. With meticulous attention to detail, Strategy creates illustrations that capture the essence of the landscapes themselves. From the intricate details of flora to the skilled hands that shape urban topiaries, these illustrations transport viewers into a world where anything is possible. Whether you’re reminded of botanical documents of antiquity or the enigmatic Voynich manuscript, the illustrations evoke a sense of wonder and potential. They invite viewers to imagine the possibilities that lie within each Scapegoats project.

Extending the Brand to Every Touchpoint

A successful brand goes beyond just a logo and illustrations. It permeates every touchpoint, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for the audience. Strategy understood this and ensured that the Scapegoats brand extended to all aspects of their visual identity. From vehicle liveries that showcase the enchanting illustrations to branded merchandise like tote bags and flasks, every item becomes a canvas for the brand to come alive. Even a simple book cover becomes a work of art, with illustrations that entice readers to explore the world of Scapegoats.

The Impact of a Magical Brand

Logo, illustration, copywriting and web design by Strategy for Wellington-based landscaping company Scapegoats

The transformation of Scapegoats’ brand has had a profound impact on their business. With a compelling narrative and a visual identity that captures the imagination, Scapegoats has positioned themselves as the go-to landscaping company in Wellington. Their clients, house-proud and discerning, are drawn to the magic and craftsmanship that Scapegoats brings to each project. The brand has not only elevated their reputation but has also attracted new clients who are captivated by the brand’s ability to create outdoor spaces where the mind can wander.


Scapegoats and Strategy have joined forces to create a brand that truly reflects the magic and craftsmanship of Scapegoats’ landscapes. Through the power of storytelling, inspired design, and enchanting illustrations, Strategy has crafted a brand that captures the imagination and elevates Scapegoats to legendary status in the world of landscaping. With their new brand identity, Scapegoats is poised to continue transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, one landscape at a time.

Remember to visit Strategy’s website and Scapegoats’ website to explore more about their remarkable work.

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