Instagram’s New Threads Features: Enhancing Content Organization and User Engagement

Instagram, one of the leading social media platforms, continues to evolve and introduce new features to enhance user experiences and engagement. In recent updates, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced exciting additions to the Threads app and a potential audio feature for Instagram. These developments aim to provide users with better ways to discover and organize shared content while also presenting marketers with new opportunities to reach their target audiences. In this article, we will explore the latest updates and their implications for both users and marketers.

Reposts Tab for Threads Profiles

To streamline the discovery of reposted content, Instagram is introducing a new “Reposts” tab for Threads profiles. This feature allows users to view all the threads they have reposted in one consolidated view. With the growing volume of shared content on the platform, this tab will make it easier for users and their audiences to find and revisit their favorite posts.

Threads Adds Reposts To Profiles And Following Feed

Expected to roll out soon, the addition of the reposts tab follows a previous update that introduced additional management features to the Threads app. These features include the ability to find liked posts and sort followers by the following date, providing users with more control over their content and connections.

Reposts in the Threads Following Feed

In addition to appearing on the new Threads profile tab, reposts will also be visible in the following feed. This means that users will encounter reposted content from the accounts they follow while scrolling through their feed. However, Instagram is aware that not all users may be interested in seeing reposts from every account they follow. To address this, Threads is working on implementing a feature similar to the one on X, where users can choose to disable reposts from specific accounts.

Audio Notes Coming to Instagram

In a separate message on Instagram, Adam Mosseri engaged with subscribers of his IG Updates broadcast channel, seeking their opinions on the potential use of audio notes with friends. Although this feature is still in the testing phase and not yet available to the public, it holds promise for providing a new way to communicate and engage with others on Instagram.

Audio Notes Coming to Instagram

The introduction of audio notes opens up opportunities for various use cases, including personal conversations, voice memos, and even targeted marketing messages. By leveraging sharing settings, marketers may be able to promote specific audio messages to smaller, more targeted audiences, such as followers a brand follows back on Instagram.

It is worth mentioning that Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, previously attempted to integrate a social audio platform in 2021. However, the service was discontinued within a year. Instagram’s audio notes feature, if successfully implemented, could offer a different approach to social audio and potentially provide a more sustainable solution.

New Features to Increase User Engagement

Adam Mosseri’s announcements regarding Threads and Instagram reflect Meta’s commitment to innovation based on user feedback. These updates aim to enhance user experiences across Meta’s social platforms, providing more ways to engage and interact with content. Additionally, Meta recently introduced video messages to WhatsApp, further expanding the range of features available to users.

With the continuous evolution of Instagram and other Meta platforms, marketers can expect new and upcoming features that will enable them to reach and engage with their target audiences more effectively. These developments present exciting opportunities for brands to create compelling content and connect with their followers in innovative ways.


Instagram’s latest updates, including the addition of a reposts tab for Threads profiles and the potential introduction of audio notes, demonstrate the platform’s dedication to improving user experiences and increasing engagement. These features offer users easier access to reposted content and open up new communication possibilities through audio messages. For marketers, these updates present fresh avenues to connect with their target audiences and deliver targeted messaging. As Instagram and other Meta platforms continue to evolve, it is essential for brands to stay informed about the latest features and leverage them to create impactful and engaging content. So, embrace these new features and explore the possibilities they offer to enhance your Instagram experience!

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