From Scrolling to Clicking: The Power of Interactive Social Posts in Driving Engagement

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, brands and marketers are constantly seeking innovative ways to capture users’ attention and stand out from the crowd. With the rise of social media, traditional static posts are no longer enough. To truly engage their audience, brands are turning to interactive social posts that encourage active participation rather than passive scrolling. These interactive posts, which incorporate elements like quizzes, games, surveys, and more, are revolutionizing the way brands connect with their customers and achieve marketing success.

The Rise of Interactive Posts

Interactive posts have emerged as a powerful tool for brands to create a more immersive and personalized experience for their audience. Unlike traditional posts that rely on static images or text, interactive posts invite users to actively engage with the content, making it a more memorable and impactful experience. By incorporating game mechanics and appealing to our innate desire for competition, challenges, fun, and rewards, brands are able to captivate social media audiences and significantly boost click rates.

While social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer limited interactive features such as polls and user actions through likes, comments, and shares, the scope for true interactivity is often restricted. To overcome these limitations, brands are taking interactive posts beyond the boundaries of social media platforms. By directing users to dedicated landing pages or microsites, brands can provide a more extensive and interactive experience, including games, personality tests, quizzes, and more.

Real-Life Examples of Success

Numerous brands have already harnessed the power of interactive posts to achieve remarkable success. Let’s take a closer look at 10 examples of brands that have leveraged interactive social posts to drive engagement and achieve their marketing goals.

1. Podimo: Educating and Incentivizing Audience

Podimo, the podcast and audiobook platform, utilized interactive posts to generate awareness and engage their audience. They created an intriguing Instagram story titled “Can you guess the Podcast?” that sparked curiosity and educated the audience about their wide range of podcasts. To incentivize participation, they offered 45 days of free access to the platform for quiz winners. This clever playable campaign not only generated awareness but also educated and incentivized users to explore and engage with Podimo’s offerings.

2. Aqua D’Or Mineral Water: Collaborating with Influencers

Aqua D’Or, the Danish mineral water brand, leveraged interactive posts to generate awareness for their Bobli Vitamins water. They introduced a personality test titled “Which Bobli are you?” through sponsored and organic interactive posts on Facebook and Instagram. To amplify their reach, they collaborated with influencers who shared the personality test with their followers. By participating in the test, users had a chance to win a year’s supply of free Bobli Vitamins & Minerals. This comprehensive approach of utilizing interactive posts, influencers, and enticing rewards allowed Aqua D’Or to generate heightened awareness for the Bobli water while engaging their audience in a fun and interactive way.

Aqua D’Or Mineral Water interactive posts

3. Ditur: Engaging Visuals and Gameplay

Ditur, a Danish retailer specializing in watches, designed an interactive drop game centered around the Tour de France. Participants played as cyclists attempting to catch green watches while avoiding red ones. Ditur showcased the game in interactive stories on Instagram to generate results. At the end of the story, they revealed the prize and included a call to action inviting users to play the game. This exemplifies how a visually appealing and engaging playable campaign can attract visitors and generate engagement by simply being showcased on social media platforms.

4. Simply Chocolate: Spreading Holiday Cheer

Simply Chocolate, the Danish producer of gourmet chocolates, embraced the holiday spirit with a captivating drop game. Players helped a Christmas elf fill out calendars by collecting chocolates and avoiding obstacles. With an enticing prize of 893kg worth of chocolates, Simply Chocolate shared a sponsored Facebook post showcasing the game, inviting viewers to join in the fun. By leveraging social media platforms and the power of play, Simply Chocolate successfully captured attention during the bustling holiday season, a time known for its heightened competition among marketers.

5. Unicef: Puzzles for a Cause

Unicef, the renowned global children’s aid agency, took their playable campaign to new heights with engaging branded puzzles. Participants had the chance to win board games for their entire family, making it an enticing endeavor. Unicef shared sponsored interactive posts on Instagram, maximizing their outreach. This campaign went beyond puzzles and also educated participants on the power of play and singing in children’s development, while inspiring them to donate. By collecting valuable data insights from participants, Unicef made their campaign a standout success.

Unicef interactive social post

6. Q8 and Too Good To Go: Combating Food Waste

Q8, a prominent Danish energy supplier, collaborated with Too Good To Go to combat food waste while engaging customers and promoting their sustainability goals. They organized an exciting playable campaign where lucky winners received Too Good To Go food bags. To spread the word, Q8 introduced an interactive drop game shared through interactive posts on Facebook. Participants aimed to catch delicious treats while avoiding obstacles. With a simple yet compelling call to action, “Play & Win,” Q8 successfully showcased their commitment to sustainability and enticed customers to spend time with their brands.

7. SofaCompany: Advent Calendar Excitement

SofaCompany, a Danish retailer renowned for its range of couches and other furniture, employed a clever approach to promote their advent calendar. They leveraged game mechanics and competition by showcasing the prizes won during the previous week with their advent calendar through interactive posts on Instagram. By inviting people to check if their name appeared on the list of winners, SofaCompany created a sense of excitement and anticipation. They strategically included a call to action in another story, urging users to sign up for their advent calendar to stand a chance to win the prizes for the upcoming week. This ingenious strategy effectively encouraged more individuals to participate and sign up for the advent calendar.

8. Kamp Hotels: Personalized Hotel Recommendations

Kamp Hotels, a distinguished group of hotels in Finland, introduced an engaging personality test to help users discover the hotel that best suited their personality. Participants who completed the test were rewarded with a special stay offer starting from €95 per night. To maximize engagement, Kamp Hotels shared animated and interactive posts on Facebook, which they sponsored to reach a broader audience. After completing the personality test, participants received an automated email containing a unique offer valid for the hotel that aligned with their personality. This approach not only provided valuable insights into the preferences of their audience but also allowed Kamp Hotels to gather market permissions and data, enabling them to deliver personalized and targeted offers to their leads.

Kämp Hotels interactive post

9. Nordisk Film Biografer: Gaming Fun for Movie Buffs

Nordisk Film Biografer, a prominent Danish cinema chain, created an exciting shoot-it game based on the new Batman movie. Players aimed to shoot Batman Oreos while avoiding hits to win a year of free cinema tickets and Oreos. Using Instagram, they shared the game, attracting players and boosting engagement. By emphasizing that only the best players could win the prize, they motivated participation and sparked excitement through interactive posts.

10. Meny: A Playful Diaper Campaign

Meny, a renowned Danish grocery chain, launched a compelling playable campaign for their new diaper brand, Grøn Balance. Through a Wheel of Fortune game, participants had the chance to win a year’s supply of diapers. Meny shared the campaign on Instagram, reaching a wider audience through sponsored interactive posts and stories. By requiring users to download their app to play the game, Meny achieved their goals of promoting the eco-friendly diapers and boosting app engagement in one strategic playable campaign.

Meny interactive social post

Taking the Next Step: Creating Your Own Interactive Posts

After exploring these inspiring examples, you might be ready to create your own impactful playable campaigns. Playable is a marketing gamification platform that provides the tools and expertise to bring your interactive ideas to life. Whether you’re looking to create quizzes, games, surveys, or more, Playable empowers you to create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Why wait? Take the next step and explore the endless possibilities with Playable today.

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In conclusion, interactive social posts have revolutionized social media marketing by providing a dynamic and engaging way for brands to connect with their audience. Through quizzes, games, surveys, and more, brands can create immersive experiences that capture users’ attention and drive engagement. The success stories of Podimo, Aqua D’Or Mineral Water, Ditur, Simply Chocolate, Unicef, Q8 and Too Good To Go, SofaCompany, Kamp Hotels, Nordisk Film Biografer, and Meny demonstrate the power of interactive posts in achieving marketing goals. By incorporating game mechanics, collaborating with influencers, and offering enticing rewards, brands can leverage interactive posts to generate awareness, educate their audience, and foster meaningful interactions. So, why not embrace the power of interactive social posts and take your marketing efforts to the next level?

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